The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn

London Design Biennale
The Ukrainian pavilion at the London Design Biennale is called “The Darkest Hour is Just Before Dawn.” These words combine two key messages from the Ukrainian design community.
Firstly, we would like to show that during times of crisis in Ukraine, designers have learned to skillfully create objects and spaces focused on functionality and the rational use of available materials. We are ready to combine our current knowledge with progressive thinking from around the world, while respecting the planet’s resources. With that being said, we emphasize that we actively seek future collaborations with the peaceful world to unite our creative potentials.
Meanwhile, we would like to remind everyone that our country is rich in natural resources, cultural heritage, and has a creative and progressive community that bravely withstands attempts to destroy our cities and industries. Even in bomb shelters and without electricity, we continue to deliver our products with the highest quality and remain a part of the progressive world.



designer: S. Hotvianskyi



Magneto Evo




This is the evolution of the Magneto lamp developed in 2015.
with a new fastening mechanism, the lamp has gained complete freedom in height, direction and angle adjustment
designer: Serhii Hotvianskyi



Kharkiv, Ukraine
Photographer:  A. Bezuglov

K House

Kyiv, Ukraine
Architect:  S. Hotvianskyi

Pine Coast

Dnipro, Ukraine
Architect: S.Hotvianskyi
3d artist: K.Kozub

Blue wall

Kyiv, Ukraine
Photographer:  A. Bezuglov

Amel Cad/Cam

Dnipro, Ukraine
Amel is a high-tech dental center that combines several functions: educational platform for dentists and clinic owners, digital CAD / CAM laboratory and a dental supplies and equipment store. 
 The facility is located on the ground floor of the large shopping center CASCADE PALAZA in the center of Dnipro.
 The space is divided into four zones that surround the central core, an island with living trees. The contrast between nature and technology creates momentum by spinning the space around a small oasis. 
 The zones are separated from each other by glass partitions with a white gradient in the lower part, which is illuminated on both sides by LED strip lights. This creates the effect of a light haze, giving the interior depth and futuristic look. 
 All furniture, except chairs and armchairs, is made according to the author’s sketches. It is an integral part of this space. Concrete columns, light coloredwood and white surfaces create a discreet color palette. 
 Green trees and blue painting of the ceiling turn into the accents of the interior.
Photographer:  A. Bezuglov




Five Flowers

Dnipro, Ukraine
New flower store Five flowers in Dnipro located on the first floor of a multistory building, the store has large windows that face the sidewalk.
Due to the relief the floor of the store is 900 mm below the pavement level.
Structurally, the volume of the store is divided into a warm and a cold zone.
The warm zone is located closer to the entrance. It is a open space which includes an exhibition of indoor plants and a bouquet-making table.
The cold zone is an isolated parallelepiped which hovers above the floor and is sandwiched between four columns that cut it into three separate display volumes. It is a room with a low temperature for the exposition of cut flowers.
We have created a minimalistic clean space that contrasts well with the fragility of fresh flowers. We complement the clearly structured space with contrasting round tables and a spiral staircase.
The interior color solution is built on the interaction of Mirage Norr’s gray porcelain stoneware, warm and light natural veneer and details in bronze shades.

Fish in House 2.0

Dnipro, Ukraine



Two years ago we have made an interior design of a fish store. This work is a reconstruction of the store. We decided to save the main concept but to add elegance and freshness.

The dominant of the interior is a cloud of dark baskets reminding of fishing baskets. Stainless steel equipment is located underneath them and makes the viewer think of grey cold water of a river or a sea. Other surfaces are decorated with stone to make them similar to a rocky shore.

The store is located inside a city market and has two areas. The first one is a closed staff area and it serves a background for the second one, which is an open space, where people can watch all the process of fish preparation before sale.

D House

Dnipro, Ukraine