Dual Fasade Residence



Nestled in a setting where nature intimately intertwines with architecture, this unique residential project in Dnipro, Ukraine showcases a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Designed for a couple who values tranquility and oneness with nature, this home epitomizes the harmony between seclusion and openness.
The northern façade, crafted with an emphasis on protection and emotional isolation, presents a nearly closed structure, creating a symbolic barrier from the external world. A single ribbon window, strategically placed high on the façade, allows residents to admire the towering pine trees without compromising on privacy and security. This feature encapsulates the home’s introverted aspect while still maintaining a respectful connection to the natural surroundings.
Conversely, the southern façade represents openness and engagement with the environment. Overlooking the plot, this side offers breathtaking views of nature and the pool, thanks to the large glass windows and sliding doors in the living room. This design not only forges a continuous visual and physical connection with the outdoor space but also invites natural light and warmth into the home, exemplifying the house’s extroverted character.
The house’s layout is divided into three distinct zones:
The central studio area combines the living room, kitchen, and dining area, anchored by a hanging fireplace, serving as the communal heart where everyone gathers.
The guest block, tailored for the couple’s adult children and other guests, includes comfortable rooms and a sauna, ensuring privacy and relaxation.
The private owner’s area, a serene retreat consisting of a bedroom with corner windows overlooking the plot and pool, a dressing room, and a bathroom. The strategic placement of the bathroom entry through the dressing room adds an additional layer of sound insulation.
The interior is a harmonious mix of gray stone, light wood, and white painted walls. This palette creates a canvas that plays with light and shadow, while black accents add depth and accents. Each element coexists in balance, contributing to a timeless space that reflects an idealistic vision of life.
The property features various outdoor recreational spaces, including an infinity pool and a cozy fireplace and barbecue area, all set against a backdrop of lush pine trees. The lighting design, focusing on hidden fixtures, crafts an atmosphere of softness and tranquility, enhancing the overall serenity of the house.
The guiding philosophy of this house is its dual perception: a fortress-like appearance from the street yet, for its inhabitants, a home without walls, immersed in nature. This concept offers a unique living experience, balancing private sanctuary with an open embrace of the natural world.
In summary, this house is more than a structure; it’s an embodiment of balanced living, offering a haven of peace and harmony while maintaining a dialogue with its environment.
Started in late 2021, the construction of this house was halted by the war in early 2022. Despite the Russian invasion’s chaos, a firm belief in victory reignited the building efforts amidst air raids and blackouts, each stage representing fierce determination. This process infused the house with significant meaning, making it a symbol of resilience.
Every part of the house echoes this spirit of resilience, a testament to overcoming adversity. It’s not just a structure but a symbol of enduring hope and faith, proudly standing as an inspiration for future generations in Ukraine.


Architect:              S.Hotvianskyi
Team:                     A. Sharavara, R. Bogomolova
Photographer:     A.Bezuglov