Amel Cad/Cam

Dnipro, Ukraine
Amel is a high-tech dental center that combines several functions: educational platform for dentists and clinic owners, digital CAD / CAM laboratory and a dental supplies and equipment store. 
 The facility is located on the ground floor of the large shopping center CASCADE PALAZA in the center of Dnipro.
 The space is divided into four zones that surround the central core, an island with living trees. The contrast between nature and technology creates momentum by spinning the space around a small oasis. 
 The zones are separated from each other by glass partitions with a white gradient in the lower part, which is illuminated on both sides by LED strip lights. This creates the effect of a light haze, giving the interior depth and futuristic look. 
 All furniture, except chairs and armchairs, is made according to the author’s sketches. It is an integral part of this space. Concrete columns, light coloredwood and white surfaces create a discreet color palette. 
 Green trees and blue painting of the ceiling turn into the accents of the interior.
Photographer:  A. Bezuglov