MARS is a lightweight aluminum table
Table is a piece of furniture that plays an important role in people’s lives. It not only serves as a surface for preparing and consuming food, but also holds symbolic meaning.
Due to the fact that humanity plans to settle on other planets, the metal table can retain its symbolic importance even in new locations. That’s why we created a lightweight aluminum table, the parts of which can be assembled into a small box to save space during transportation to other planets.
This will preserve the importance of the table as a symbol of unity and cooperation between people in new territories and ensure comfortable living on other planets in the future. Indeed, where there is a table, there is communication, cooperation, and unity among people.
Therefore, we must ensure the well-being of people on other planets now, providing them not only with functional things but also with symbols of interaction and cooperation.



Designer:   S.Hotvianskyi
M7-2 2

Ready for any challenges.

M98765 копия
M2 24357

C-shaped profiles are designed in such a way that they can fold into each other.