Five Flowers

Dnipro, Ukraine
New flower store Five flowers in Dnipro located on the first floor of a multistory building, the store has large windows that face the sidewalk.
Due to the relief the floor of the store is 900 mm below the pavement level.
Structurally, the volume of the store is divided into a warm and a cold zone.
The warm zone is located closer to the entrance. It is a open space which includes an exhibition of indoor plants and a bouquet-making table.
The cold zone is an isolated parallelepiped which hovers above the floor and is sandwiched between four columns that cut it into three separate display volumes. It is a room with a low temperature for the exposition of cut flowers.
We have created a minimalistic clean space that contrasts well with the fragility of fresh flowers. We complement the clearly structured space with contrasting round tables and a spiral staircase.
The interior color solution is built on the interaction of Mirage Norr’s gray porcelain stoneware, warm and light natural veneer and details in bronze shades.